We brought together our technical, operational, and planning experience as well as managerial and analytical proficiency to form Trend Etiket in 2012.

We try to do more than just make labels.

Our Team

■ Works for a sustainable world.
100 %
■ Is knowledgeable and has a solution- and innovation-oriented approach.
100 %
■ Is experienced and possesses technical knowledge of industry.
100 %
■ Can understand and analyze customer needs.
100 %
■ Adopts a solution-partner relationship with clients.
100 %
■ Takes ownership of problems and their solutions.
100 %

With reference to the Ahi-order

  • Not to abuse the trust of our customers and teammates,
  • Not to extend a hand that we have no right.
  • To be a shareholder,
  • Doing business ethically
  • We started out by aiming to learn together, achieve together and win together, we are on the way.
  • We set out together….

We try to do more than just make labels.

■ We believe that awareness is what gives value to production.
■ We take care of our natural resources, which we believe are our children’s trust.
■ We believe a sustainable world is possible.
■ Whatever we do, we feel the responsibility to finish it right.